Allotments: Powers & Functions

·         The general management of all Allotment Sites, including fixing an appropriate level of rent for each site. To check that this is collected annually. 
·         To make suitable budget provision for the effective running of the Allotments. Such budgets will be recommended to the Finance and General Purposes Committee, and then to Full Council for final approval.  
·         To formulate any policy for the Allotments, in line with any existing policies of the Council.
·         To recommend to Full Council any areas of land to be acquired for the provision of new allotments, should the Allotments Committee deem such acquisition to be necessary.
·         To organise the Annual Allotments Competition, and to arrange judging as necessary.  
·         To deal with any complaints raised, and to keep a record of the same.  
·         To liaise, via the Clerk, with the Allotments Manager/s to ensure that the Allotments are running smoothly. To take advice from the Clerk and the Allotments Manager/s on any related issues that are of concern to plot holders. 
·         From time to time, to liaise with other Committees, for example the Open Spaces Committee, on any items of mutual interest, or to exchange advice or make requests.  
·         Where necessary, to make recommendations regarding the provision of equipment, goods, services or staffing levels where these are shown to have an effect upon the work of the Allotments Committee, or to ensure that the service to the public is effective.  
·         To ensure all conditions of tenancy are complied with.  
·         In the event of any emergency arising, power to act is devolved to the Chairman of the Allotments Committee in consultation with the Vice Chairman and the Clerk. Where possible, the opinion of the Allotments Manager/s will be sought. Any action so taken will be reported at the next Allotments Committee.  
·         In pursuance of the above, to spend up to the maximum budget on any pre­determined item in order to ensure the needs of the Allotments service are met. Any extra spending or non-budget items will be referred to Full Council for approval.