Here at Parish Council HQ, we do a lot to keep The Parish as clean, tidy, safe and suitable for our residents as possible. This includes a whole host of daily/weekly tasks carried out by the office staff and ground staff.


See the tabs below for more information on what we take on:

We are lucky enough to have two allotment sites within the parish, they are situated at the top of Wooburn Cemetery and in New Road, Bourne End. Both sites are currently fully let with waiting lists to join. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please contact the office. Tenancies are renewed every year at the end of January.

The Open Spaces committee approved the installation of four beehives at the top of the cemetery in the Wooburn allotment field. The bees are a great benefit to allotment holders in the spring and summer. An added positive is the production of local honey.

New Deer Proof Fencing has now been erected at the New road site, known as Pegg’s Allotment. This is an ongoing project to keep out the hungry wildlife that wander down from time to time!

The addition of two new holding bays for both manure and chippings has been installed at Peggs to help holders increase crop yields and for covering pathways within their plots.

The cemetery is open from 8.00am – 8.00pm all year round with automatic gates for access. 

If you are within the cemetery grounds past 8pm with a car, the gates will open as you approach. The gates will not open automatically if you approach on foot, so if you find yourself locked in please call one of the following numbers:



We try to be involved in community events as much as possible, including our very own annual Parkfest event. We also get involved in Bourne End Fun Night at Christmas time, plus every month we attend BECCMarket down at the Bourne End Community Centre. If you’d like more information about upcoming events, keep an eye on our social media accounts or the news section of our website.

Many of our open spaces are conservation areas, so the planning committee keeps a close eye on applications and support Bucks Council’s planning authorities in making sure listed buildings/places of special interest are subjected to minimal alterations.

From 2016, work previously undertaken by Buckinghamshire Council was devolved to W&BE PC. The groundstaff keep our Parish open spaces, grass verges, hedges and footpaths well cared for.

The Parish Council’s open spaces include:

Wooburn Park, Wooburn Green, Penny’s Corner, Dinnie’s Riverside, Farm Wood, The Warren Nature Reserve

You’ll find the children’s play areas in:

Wooburn Park, Blind Lane, Bourne End Recreation Ground, Watery Lane, Holtspur

These are all well tended and play equipment is maintained by our grounds staff, plus the play inspection company check each one every year. Damage due to vandalism means that repairing and renewing is an ongoing occupation!

To hire an open space, please contact the office with an application form. Click here to see our temporary events sign policy.

Roland, our Head Groundsman together with Shane and Nikk are responsible for ensuring all Council owned land, facilities and machinery are maintained and where possible, improved, in accordance with the Council’s wishes. 

Since the Parish Council no longer employ contractors to cut the grass in the open spaces, Roland, Shane and Nikk take pride in keeping the park, the green, all the play areas and the cemetery looking well groomed. They also empty the litter bins and repair the play equipment across the whole parish.

Related information:

+ Opening hours: 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday

+ Office phone number: 01628 522 827

The Parish Council offices are open to parishioners every weekday between 9am and 5pm, handling as wide a selection of queries as there are residents in the Parish. Telephone messages left outside these hours are recorded and actioned the following morning.

The Clerk’s responsibilities range from liaising with Councillors, providing advice on statutory procedures, preparing agendas and minutes for various committees, authorising burials, providing all areas of risk assessment and insurance, to overseeing the groundstaff, lighting contractors and grass cutting rotas. The Clerk and Deputy are employed by the Council full time.

The Deputy Clerk is responsible for all burial enquiries from funeral directors and the public for funerals at Wooburn Cemetery. He maintains the burial records, paperwork and maps showing the location of each grave, along with arranging ashes interments and headstone wording and recording. He is also responsible for all matters relating to the Planning, Highways & Lighting Committee and their meeting agendas. He manages both allotment sites within the Parish.

Our Social Media & Office Administrator is employed part-time, with duties including dealing with phone calls and walk-ins from members of the public, liaising with funeral directors, stone masons, Councillors, facility users, outside organisations and local authorities. She is also responsible for day-to-day office work, purchase orders, post/incoming invoices, events support and advertising, plus the maintenance and content creation for our website and social media accounts.

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+ Streetlight inventory

The Parish council are responsible for streetlights on side roads within the Parish only, all main road lighting is maintained by Buckinghamshire Council.


A full list of streetlights we maintain can be found by clicking the streetlight inventory link on this page.


Please contact the office on 01628 522827 or send an email to [email protected]  if you spot a light that isn’t working.

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