Finance and General Purposes: Powers & Functions

General management, through the Clerk, of all matters not subject to another committee:


a) Employment matters

b) Risk Assessment / Health & Safety

c) Maintenance of all Parish Council property and assets

d) Insurances

e) The overall Council budget including:

  • General Accounts
  • Reserves
  • Projects
  • Precept
  • Management Accounting Reports
  • Policy matters

f) Other matters needing to be dealt with as a matter of urgency

g) Standing Orders

  • To act as a Personnel Committee, dealing with all employment matters and salaries, including discipline and training where necessary in line with existing procedures.
  • To receive and approve the Budgets proposed by other Committees for final approval at Full Council.
  • To manage the approved budgets with authority to move funds but without exceeding the overall spending levels.  Additional spend affecting the General Fund will need Full Council approval.
  • To ensure the Council's financial responsibilities are met.
  • To oversee the maintenance of all Council property and assets.
  • To deal with Health & Safety matters
  • To ensure that all insurance is up to date and adequate.
  • To consider applications for grant aid from outside bodies.
  • To consider, when necessary, any advice or recommendations from other Committees, if relevant to any of the functions listed above.



This Committee has 6 members composed of the following:


a) Chairman of the Council

b) Vice-Chairman of the Council

c) Chairman and Vice Chairman of Open Spaces, Allotments and Burials Committee

d) Chairman and Vice Chairman of Planning, Highways & Lighting Committee.