Highways: Powers & Functions

Collects details of improvements to roads, pavements and Rights of Way that can be reported to the Local Area Technician / Rights of Way Officer.         

At least once per year the Committee will meet with Officers from the Highways, Transportation and Environment Department of the County Council.         

May also liaise with Wycombe District Council on any plans it may have for improvement to the local environment. 

The Committee has delegated powers to consider all Highways and Environment consultations received by the Council, to make site visits that may be necessary and to make such comments as are determined by members to Wycombe District Council or Bucks County Council.

Where an issue requires urgent comment, the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Committee, in consultation with the Clerk, and a Committee member for the area (if available), shall be given delegated authority to make comment. This decision should be advised to the next meeting of the Highways Committee. The power should be used only where there is no time to convene a normal meeting, in order to meet the consultation deadlines.

To note representations from the public on consultations.

To consider and formulate Council policy in the area of Highways and Environment and to review this as and when changes take place. To present to Council for ratification.

To consider and comment on any related planning matters that are drawn to the attention of the Committee by main Council or other Committees, and where necessary, take decisions on such issues but present its recommendations to Council.

To consider and recommend to Finance and General Purposes Committee, or Full Council, any training or the purchase of any publications that will assist the Committee or its officers to work more effectively.

The Committee to meet 4 times per year and as necessary to deal with any urgent business.