Lighting: Powers & Functions

·        General management, via the Clerk, of all street lighting in the side roads within the Parish. Lighting in the main through roads is the responsibility of Buckinghamshire County Council. 

·          To replace, on a regular programme, old or sub standard street lighting columns. Where appropriate, to plan new lighting schemes and update old ones.  

·          To make adequate budget provision for lighting needs within the Parish. Budgets will be recommended to F&GP and then to Full Council for final approval

·          To determine and define any policies appertaining to lighting matters within the Parish, and to recommend the same to Full Council. Any such policies should be in line with those made by the Council as a whole.  

·          To review lighting needs on a regular basis.  

·          To ensure that faulty street lights are reported to SEC, and to deal with any complaints that are made.  

·          To advise on relevant health and safety matters; such advice to be sent via the Clerk to the Finance and General Purposes Committee and/or Full Council as appropriate. 

·          From time to time there will be liaison with other Committees where and if this is deemed to be appropriate.  

·          To deal with any urgent items related to lighting. In the case of an emergency, such power will be devolved to the Chairman of the Lighting Committee, in consultation with the Vice Chairman and the Clerk. Any action so taken will be reported to the next meeting of the Lighting Committee.  

·          In pursuance of the above, to spend up to the maximum on any previously agreed or allocated budget item without further reference to Full Council or the Finance and General Purposes Committee. Any spending that has not been agreed or budgeted for previously, will be sent to Full Council for approval.