Open Spaces: Powers & Functions

·          The overall management and maintenance of all open spaces owned or leased by this Council; to include making such provision for their upkeep and improvement as is deemed necessary by the Open Spaces Committee. This will be carried out via the Clerk to the Council.  
·          The management and maintenance of all related facilities including the sports pitches and changing rooms, trees on Council land, footpaths, street furniture all plant and machinery, play equipment and any other item which may properly be considered to come within the remit of this Committee, by virtue of being on or within an open space. To repair and replace any such item within the agreed budget.
·         To determine and define any policies appertaining to the open spaces, their care, use and maintenance.
·          To make adequate budget provision for all open spaces and facilities within the care of the Committee. Such budgets will be recommended to the Finance and General Purposes Committee and hence to Full Council, for final approval.  
·          To consider and make budget provision for the provision of play equipment, and to purchase and install the same within a realistic replacement programme.
·         To make recommendations for the acquisition of new land and/or facilities.  
·          To make recommendations to F & G P for the purchase and repair of all machinery necessary for carrying out the responsibilities of the Committee towards the open spaces within its care. To deal with the replacement of the same.  
·          To consider and recommend to the Finance and General Purposes Committee, via the Clerk, appropriate staffing levels to ensure that the duties of the Council towards the open spaces are met  
·         To deal with any complaints or requests related to the open spaces and associated facilities.  
·          To supervise any leases, rentals, letting for agreements for property owned by the Council and managed by the Open Spaces Committee; full power being granted to administer these in line with any existing Council policies.  
·          To consider and make recommendations related to health and safety issues where they are relevant to the work of this Committee, and to ensure as far as possible that all legal requirements are met.  
·          To consider and advise on training and staff issues where the Open Spaces Committee may rightly be said to have an interest. This will include training staff on the use of machinery and on any health and safety issues. It may also include training for the Clerk and members of the Committee, where appropriate. Such recommendations will be to the Finance and General Purposes Committee and will be via the Clerk. 
·          To deal with any urgent items that arise appertaining to any open space or related facilities. In the case of an emergency, power to act will be devolved to the Clerk to the Council in consultation with the Chairman of the Open Spaces Committee.  Any such action taken must be reported at the next Open Spaces Committee.
·          From time to time, there will be liaison with other Committees where this is deemed appropriate. 
·          In pursuance of the above, to spend up to the maximum on any previously agreed and allocated budget item without further reference to the Full Council or the Finance and General Purposes Committee.  Any spending that has not been previously agreed during the budget cycle will be sent for approval at the next appropriate Full Council meeting.