Storm Ciaran – GWR travel update

“We are writing ahead of Storm Ciaran which is due to hit the UK tomorrow (Weds 1 Nov) evening and is likely to cause disruption to our services.

We are encouraging all passengers to check before they travel at or with their operator as alterations and cancellations are expected Wednesday (1 Nov) evening and throughout Thursday (2 Nov) due to high winds, heavy rain and high tides. As we have experienced quite heavy rain recently, the ground remains sodden, meaning the risk of flooding is increased.

Customers are advised to travel earlier in the day tomorrow (Wednesday 1 Nov) and delay their journeys on Thursday 2 Nov. Delay Repay compensation will apply for delays over 15 minutes, and customers who choose not travel can claim a refund – more information is available at Passengers with tickets for travel on GWR services tomorrow (Weds 1 Nov) evening will be able to use their ticket earlier in the day, and tickets for travel on Thursday 2 Nov will be valid tomorrow and Friday 3 November.

People who live or work near the railway are asked to be aware of items that could find their way onto the tracks at any time, but particularly during high winds, when trampolines, gazebos and tarpaulin can be blown away.

We will also be making customers aware through on train and station announcements, issuing traditional and social media, journey planners will display specific alerts and we will also be contacting affected customers. Anything you can do to help us amplify this message would be much appreciated, and we will be sure to keep you updated.”

Local authority helping to make decisions on behalf of the people in Wooburn & Bourne End Parish.

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