Wooburn and Bourne End Parish

A Residents Quick Guide to finding information about the Parish

A wide array of information is available from four main sources:

1. The Parish website: wooburnparish.gov.uk

On the Home page, the Parish Official Guide and Map (updated annually) can be seen. Click on the picture to view its full 24 pages including a Street Map and details about the Parish, its services and businesses.

The headings across the top of the Home Page (see below) give access to multiple sets of information. Click on them to explore.

Home About Parish Council Planning Neighbourhood Development Plan Diary News Amenities Contact Us

Our draft Neighbourhood Development Plan provides extensive information about the Parish and its Policies aimed at protecting and enhancing green infrastructure, mitigating the impact of two major housing developments and helping to minimise our impact on the environment.

2. Target magazine: https://www.bourneendcommunitycentre.org.uk/

Independently published by the Bourne End (Bucks) Community Association (a registered charity) and distributed free to over 5,000 homes in the local area,Target Magazine is published every 2 months, providing news and other information about the Parish, its activities, services and businesses.

3. Wooburn Residents’ Association: Welcome to the Wooburn Residents' Association Website

The WRA’s website is a source of information about The Wooburns and explains how residents can meet and participate in protecting and enhancing the local environment.

4. The Parish Council Office: wooburnparish.gov.uk

Our Clerk, Deputy Clerk and Receptionist welcome enquiries about the Parish and are ready to provide individual guidance on the available information. You can find them at:

Wooburn & Bourne End Parish Council, Council Offices, Town Lane, Wooburn, Buckinghamshire, HP10 0PS

Phone: 01628 522827
Email: clerk@wooburnparish.gov.uk

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

The pdf version of this guide is downloadable Here