Public Relations, Communication & Complaints Procedure


The purpose of the complaints procedure is to provide a standard list of procedures to follow in order that problems can be rectified as soon as possible.

If complaints are dealt with quickly and effectively, complainants can feel satisfield that at least their grievance has been properly and fully considered.  It also provides the Council with assurance that complaints are dealt with in a professional and fair manner.

Below is the procedure which Wooburn & Bourne End Parish Council follow:

  • If you receive a complaint by phone or face to face that cannot be rectified immediately, ask for it to be put in writing
  • Complaints can be dealt with by the Clerk or the Chairman
  • On receipt of a written complaint, the Clerk should try and settle the complaint directly, but not before notifying the person complained of and giving them an opportunity to explain actions/circumstances, etc
  • Where a complaint is about the Clerk or a Chairman, the complaint should be referred to the council for consideration
  • The Clerk or Chairman should report any written complaint that has been dealt with to the next meeting of council, and the complainant will be notified when this will be so that he/she can attend
  • The council should consider whether the circumstances of the complaint warrant the exclusion of the public and press.  They will, however, have to inform both of the final decision
  • As soon as a decision has been made, the complainant should be informed in writing
  • The council can defer making a decision on a complaint if it needs to wait for legal advice or further information