Street lighting on all main highways are dealt with by Buckinghamshire Council. Their contact telephone number is 0845 230 2882. Wooburn & Bourne End Parish Council maintain most of the streetlights on the side streets within the Parish. We have a contract with Bernard Leigh (Electrical) who monitor Parish lighting, renewing defective lamps when necessary, and patrolling all 476 of them once a month from April to September and twice a month between October and March. BLE are in the process of replacing concrete columns, that have deteriorated over time, with metal ones.

Lantern bulbs and shades are cleaned at least once a year, in addition to any occasion when the bulb to the lamp is replaced and upgraded to a low cost and efficiant L.E.D style bulb. A safety test of the electrical system at both the Southern Electricity terminal and the light columns is carried out for each light once during the life of the 3-year contract. Besides this, BLE will prune trees, shrubs and hedges if they cause effective obstruction of light from a lamp onto a footpath.

You may have noticed a variety of types in use: concrete, steel, aluminium, black windsor and some mounted on telegraph poles. Power supplies range from 35w - 70w, the latter highlighted in the burst of sheer energy that floods the Captain Hook steps near the Thames bridge in Bourne End. The black windsor columns are 50w and appear in Bakers Orchard and Manor Gardens Wooburn Green.

If you have concerns regarding any street lights which are owned by the Parish Council, please contact the office on 01628 522827 quoting the street light number and exact location. The Parish Council, Bucks County Council and Wycombe District Council are all responsible for street lights in different areas and if you are unsure who is responsible for a particular street light please phone the Parish Council office for clarification.