Warren Nature Reserve

Warren wood
Warren Nature Reserve is a delightful place if you're looking for peace and quiet, or if you're a twitcher, or simply enjoy a wander through woodland with your dog.
There used to be a manor house where the Warren is now.  In 1648 it was owned by Philip the 4th Earl Whorton.  He laid the park out with chestnut trees either side of an avenue, and you can still see the trees where the path is today.
Flowing along the side of the reserve, the river Wye provides the perfect habitat for many British water birds:
mallard ducks, Canadian geese, herons and kingfishers.
Badgers, voles, mice, grass snakes, muntjac deer, lizards, squirrels, rabbits and bats are easy to spot making their homes among the woodland trees of ash, lime, oak, beech, horse chestnut, sycamore, elm, holly, pine and ginkgo.