Parish Council Team
Parish Council Team

The Parish Council offices (inside the cemetery, on Town Lane, Wooburn) are open to parishioners every weekday between 9:00am and 5:00pm, handling as wide a selection of queries as there are residents in the Parish. Telephone messages left outside these hours are recorded and actioned the following morning.

There are currently seven members of staff:

Mike Balbini-the Clerk, Mark Ellis-Deputy Clerk, Jess Lewis, Roland Carson, Shane Read, Sam Sanders and Nikk Brown.

Mike's responsibilities range from- liaising with Councillors, providing advice on statutory procedures, preparing agendas and minutes for various committees, authorising burials, providing all areas of risk assessment and insurance, to overseeing the Ground staff, lighting contractors and grass cutting rotas. The Clerk and Deputy are employed by the Council full time.

Mark is responsible for all Burial enquiries from Funeral Directors and the public for funerals at Wooburn Cemetery. He maintains the Burial Records, paperwork and maps showing the location of each grave, along with arranging ashes interments and headstone wording and recording. He is also responsible for maintaining the website and all matters relating to the Planning, Highways & Lighting Committee and their meeting agendas. He also manages both Allotment sites within the parish.

Jess is employed as part-time Office & Social Media Assistant/Receptionist. Her duties include: dealing with phone and walk-in queries from members of the public, funeral directors, stone masons, Councillors, facility users, outside organisations and local authorities. She is responsible for day-to-day office work, purchase orders, post and incoming invoices and our website and Social Media.

Roland, our Groundsman Supervisor together with Shane, Sam and Nikk, are responsible for ensuring all Council owned land, facilities and machinery are maintained and where possible, improved, in accordance with the Council’s wishes. Since the Parish Council no longer employ contractors to cut the grass in the open spaces, Roland, Shane, Sam and Nikk take pride in keeping the park, the green, all the play areas and the cemetery looking well groomed. They also empty the litter bins, repair the play equipment across the whole parish.