The Clerk shall, as soon as it is received, keep a record of the following particulars of every application notified to the Council.

a) The date on which it was received
b) The name of the applicant & application number
c) The place or property to which it relates
d) A summary of the nature of the application

The Committee has delegated powers to consider all planning applications received by the Council, to make site visits that may be necessary and to make recommendations as are determined by members to Buckinghamshire Council, within the time limits set by the County Council.

Where a planning issue requires urgent comment, the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Planning Committee, in consultation with the Clerk, and a Committee member for the area (if available) and with advice from the Planning Assistant, shall be given delegated authority to make comment. This decision should be advised to the next meeting of the Planning Committee. The power should be used onlywhere there is no time to convene a normal meeting, in order to meet the Buckinghamshire Council deadlines.

To encourage members to take advantage of the opportunity to speak on particular planning applications at Buckinghamshire Council Development Control Meetings. Where possible, the Committee member speaking should be the designated member for the area under consideration.

To note representations from the public on individual planning applications and from developers on submitted planning applications on large and important sites.

To consider and formulate planning policy and to review this as and when changes take place.

To ensure our comments reflect the statements set out in the Conservation Area Surveys, any Village Design Statement/Community Plan that might be produced and the adopted Local Plan; and to ensure they take note of changes in any of these and any other policy documents that take place in the future.

To consider and comment on any related planning matters that are drawn to the attention of the Committee by main Council or other Committees, and where necessary, take decisions on such issues.

To respond to any consultation documents related to planning issues that are notified to the Committee and that require comment.

To consider and recommend to Finance and General Purposes Committee, or Full Council, any training or the purchase of any publications that will assist the Planning Committee or its officers to work more effectively

Wycombe District Local Plan (WDLP)

Wycombe District Local Plan ( WDLP ) Section 5.4. Page 202 relates to Bourne End & Wooburn. Also references in Appendices C,D,G,L

WDLP Map 7 Flackwell Heath & Wooburn Green

WDLP Map 8 Bourne End and Wooburn

WDC Statement about Wooburn & Bourne End NDP status

Community-Led Plan

The Wooburns - Future of our Village - June 2014

The Wooburns - Future of our Village - June 2014 - Summary

Bourne End Community-Led Plan November 2012

Planning Committee

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